SDF assists customers when they purchase products by providing specific financial products for the sales network, and this continues throughout the entire product life-cycle with an after-sales service and original spare parts and lubricants.


SDF Finance

Buying agricultural machinery is an increasingly important investment for both small farms and large agricultural businesses. With its financial services offered in partnership with leading banks at an international level, SDF helps its customers find the best financial solution for their different requirements.

SDF Service

With more than 3,100 dealers and authorised service centres worldwide, SDF offers a service for all customers' needs: from pre-sales inspections to routine and non-routine management of machines and equipment.
Technical training of staff at the SDF Academy in Treviglio and Lauingen, as well as at local training centres, guarantees high quality standards and the professional expertise of staff. All technical documents on each component and model, in different languages and configurations, can be accessed at all times from a single source and also from a special online database. 

SDF Parts

Each SDF product component is the result of in-depth design, testing and production, based on the highest quality standards. The company partners industry leaders to produce cutting-edge solutions and products of a superior quality.
Besides its original spare parts, SDF offers a range of products and services to meet every need as SDF Lubricants, a range of lubricants for even better machine performance.