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December 18, 2013

Grégoire wins the silver medal for innovation at SITEVI 2013, the international exhibition for the vine-wine, fruit-vegetable and olive growing sectors.

This new "Ecoprotect" crop sprayer is designed to meet future environmental requirements and delivers a high quality process with no waste. It is efficient and enables significant savings on spraying products.

Air from the sprayer turbine causes flexible modules to swell and become stiff, forming two flexible casings enveloping the vine. The base of the casing is hermetically sealed and contains a filter to catch the spray and direct it to a recycling mechanism.
In order to increase the effectiveness of the system and limit product waste, the space between the two casings is closed by a "film" of air forming a barrier and thereby enclosing the treatment zone.
A treatment "bubble" is created where the concentration of the product is increased, speeding up the process; the particles of the product in suspension are recovered, filtered and reused, thereby decreasing consumption of the product. The process remains enclosed, resulting in less pollution and fewer risks to the user and the environment.
Once the modules have swollen, they remain relatively flexible, limit breakages and are kinder to the vines.

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