VitiBot is a French industrial company, on the market of autonomous and electric vineyards robots. The company accompanies the winegrowers in the improvement of their vineyards with the latest technological solutions. VitiBot reconciles contemporary environmental and economic issues by offering a driverless solution.

VitiBot’s ambition is to make wine-growing practices evolve towards a sustainable viticulture with practical and concrete answers to the major contemporary challenges: increase the safety of operators, protect the vineyard and biodiversity, reduce the environmental footprint of viticulture.

VitiBot produces a 100% electric vineyard robot, Bakus, available in 2 versions: S and L.

VitiBot also designs electric tools compatible with Bakus, for the work of the soils (Intervines, crush mower) and the work of the vines (pre-trimmer, trimmer machine, confine spraying with recovery panels, etc.)

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