Other technologies

Driver Extended Eyes

For the first time ever, a guidance system has been introduced to increase the safety of machines, with a specific focus on high-powered and large models, reducing accidents caused by lack of visibility in vehicle blind spots. The system is based on a series of cameras, and not only actively detects the presence of people in the tractor's blind spot, but also broadens the driver's view to the left and to the right.

Extended-Eye 1 miniExtended-Eye 2 miniExtended-Eye 3 mini





Automatic trailer hitch coupling

Equipment with camera-based environmental recognition system for controlling tractor movements.
The cameras identify the position of the hook of a certain tool with respect to the tractor and the control system determines the best path for the coupling and performs all the necessary movements automatically.
The proposed solution improves operation, operator comfort and safety conditions.

Automatic Trailer Hitch CouplingEIMA Technical Innovation