MaxiVision Cab

Winner of the German Design Award 2014, the MaxiVision cab is a modern, high-tech workplace which sets new standards in terms of ergonomics and functionality: a dynamically suspended driver's seat with swiveling of 15°, a comfortably upholstered passenger seat and an innovative climate control system.

Key controls are grouped in the MaxCom operator arm rest, the front console has its Softgrip steering wheel and the multi-functional InfoCentre. The iMonitor touchscreen (available in 8in or 12in) and new connectivity systems make it possible to set up and manage countless operations. It can be also equipped with the SDF Guidance, an advanced precision farming system connected with satellite receivers per una precisione di lavoro fino a 2 cm.

The MaxiVision cab is the benchmark in terms of comfort and ergonomic design: the multifunction armrest, the high-quality materials and the spaciousness of this cab create an inviting and comfortable working environment, where Giugiaro has put its distinctive stamp. 

MaxiVisionMaxiVisionGerman Design Award 2013