MaxCom Multifunction armrest

The MaxCom multifunction armrest makes it easier, faster and more practical to control the functions of the machine, and above all the use of hydraulically operated equipment.

In combination with an advanced hydraulic system, it increases not only operator comfort but also the productivity of the work performed both in quantitative and qualitative terms.
The MaxCom multifunction armrest in just 20 cm in width allows the operator to control all the machine functions, from the transmission, to the automatic repetition of headland maneuvers and hydraulics, a function for which a very convenient joystick is also provided. It is also very simple and intuitive to use, each distributor is associated with a single command, and all commands are organized by function according to a color logic, avoiding incorrect operations. For some commands it is possible to choose which function to associate with them, in order to maximize comfort and productivity based on specific machining needs.
Integrated into the seat and longitudinally adjustable to adapt to different heights, this unique solution on the market in the specialist segment allows the operator to reach all the controls while remaining comfortably with the right arm resting on the armrest cushion, avoiding the typical jolts of the side consoles.