A solution for every application.
iMonitor is the central control unit which enables the management of all SDF Smart Farming Solutions applications.
The perfectly-structured single user interface is easy to use, and can even provide operators with remote access assistance.

The processor of the iMonitor provides a personal interface that guarantees the easy and intuitive operation of several functions via the touchscreen. Its support functions, such as the quick guides and the explanatory icons, guide you through the various settings and it’s also possible to set up different user profiles according to your requirements, for a better overview. It’s available in two different sizes, 8” or 12” – it's the largest terminal on the market and the display can be changed from full screen to split screen: three 8'' split screens (two mini views on the left, one main view on the right) or four 12'' split screens (three mini views on the left, one main view on the right). The benefit this offers is a constant overview of all applications that are running at the same time.
The iMonitor is equipped with a touchscreen that can be intuitively and conveniently operated, similar to a smartphone or a tablet. You can easily swipe with your finger to switch between the different applications. For the guidance application, as well as for the ISOBUS Universal Terminal, you can use the entire size of the display, expanding it to full screen. The Dashboard on the bottom of the screen can be freely configured with information such as time, date, GPS accuracy or GPS speed.


User manual