FARMotion engine

SDF began life as a manufacturer of diesel engines for agriculture. It is in this framework that the FARMotion project came about, designing and developing an engine specifically for use in this industry.

The FARMotion engine has many strengths: first and foremost, the compact size of this new engine guarantees optimal incorporation with the agricultural machine in different configurations, ensuring fundamental characteristics such as visibility from the driver’s seat and reduced steering angles. Fuel consumption and noise are optimised with a positive impact on productivity and tractor comfort overall. The modular thermal units (liners and cylinder heads), improve reliability, making engine maintenance simpler over time.

To cater for the needs of a wide variety of different markets, the FARMotion engine is offered in a Stage IV certified configuration with a simple, compact exhaust aftertreatment system (SCR without DOC), but also as a Stage IIIA version and as a non-emissionized version.