SDF Farm Management


SDF Farm Management allows access to all the tools needed to manage a farm. The solution is designed to use all the telemetry data of the tractor, transforming them into useful intelligent functions developed for farmers, available both on PCs and mobile devices.

System consists of:

  • BTM - device that detects the data of the vehicle and its position, sending them via Bluetooth to the app;
  • mobile application that shows the data received through an interactive screen and at the same time sends it to the cloud, so that it is also available on the web version;
  • web portal accessible via browser.

In addition, SDF Farm Management offers further functionalities for data management:

  • Automatic compilation of the treatment register;
  • Tractor performance reports and live dashboard;
  • Installation of warning and inhibition processes to avoid risky situations or situations not foreseen in the work plan;
  • Access to agronomic models and environmental data.

The InCab functionality allows to monitor field work in real time, selecting the parameters to be displayed on your smartphone or tablet and recording activities. Furthermore, Geofencing functionality ensures work within the predefined field boundaries. The treatment log will compile automatically, and you will be able to check work reports with all the data you need, including average speed, consumption, hours worked for each tractor and for your equipment. With SDF Farm Management in the office or wherever you are with your smartphone or tablet, you can monitor the utilisation of your tractors and view tracks used. This way you can make accurate analyses of your fields of work and your consumption.


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