SDF Farm Management

SDF Farm Management gives you access to all the tools you need to manage a farm. This solution was designed to use all your tractor’s telemetry data, transforming them into useful, smart features developed especially for farmers, available both on PC and mobile devices.

The system consists of the following components:

  • BTM - a device which acquires vehicle and position data and sends them to the app via Bluetooth;
  • the mobile app which displays the data received in an interactive screen while simultaneously uploading the data to the cloud so that it is also accessible from the web version;
  • a web portal accessible via a browser.


In addition, SDF Farm Management offers further functionalities for data management:

  • automatic farm log book update;
  • tractor performance report and live dashboard;
  • installable alert and inhibit processes to prevent hazardous situations or situations not envisaged in the work plan;
  • access to agronomic models and environmental data;
  • 0 compatibility.

Through InCab functionalities, it is possible to monitor work in the field in real time, selecting the desired parameters to see on a smartphone or tablet and recording activities. In addition, the Geofencing feature ensures that work is carried out within the boundaries of the selected field. The farm logbook will be updated automatically, and it will be possible to access operation reports providing you with all the data required, such as average speed, consumption, hours worked by each tractor and equipment. With SDF Farm Management, you have the ability to directly monitor tractor usage from your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to observe usage patterns. In this manner, we can conduct precise field and consumption analyses.


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