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The SAME Foundation supports transport for the community in Treviglio with a new contribution

May 8, 2024

Treviglio, 7 May 2024

The SAME Foundation is pleased to announce that it has resolved to support the Associazione Volontari del Trasporto Solidale ODV di Treviglio (ODV Community Transport Volunteer Association of Treviglio), which has been operating locally since 2007, providing transport to and from health facilities, places of care, rehabilitation centres, schools, day centres and workplaces, offering a valuable service to parts of the community most in need of support.

In response to the letter of request for funding received from the President of the Associazione Volontari del Trasporto Solidale Treviglio, Emilia Santinelli, the SAME Foundation decided at its last board meeting on 18 April 2024 to allocate a contribution of €40,000 for the purchase of a new vehicle to facilitate the transport of persons with reduced mobility.

"Following numerous meetings with the association, we felt that our contribution could support an activity that is particularly welcomed and well-known in the area," said Antonio Bonetti, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the SAME Foundation. "In 2023 alone, the vehicles of the association covered 137,000 km, helping anyone in need of transport, thanks to the contribution of volunteers who every day, give their time in support of the local community."

This initiative strengthens the relationship with the Treviglio community and follows funding already allocated to other local associations.
Indeed, since 2020, the SAME Foundation has been supporting the Quercia di Mamre, a canteen for persons in need in Treviglio, which daily distributes hot meals and delivers grocery products to the homes of families which cannot reach the canteen, with an annual contribution of €15,000 in 2024.
Furthermore, in recent years, the Treviglio branch of the Italian Red Cross has received donations totalling €85,000 to contribute to the purchase of three ambulances.

The SAME Foundation continues to actively support local associations focusing particularly on the more vulnerable demographic groups in the community, in keeping with its philanthropic objectives to support the territory in which the company operates.

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