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May 15, 2013

DEUTZ-FAHR is set to launch a new range of combine harvesters for the 2014 season. The C9000 series, with its new technical innovations has been designed to bring a new dimension to harvesting efficiency and operator comfort and, in collaboration with Giugiaro Design, the style of the new machines has been completely reworked in line with the latest Deutz-Fahr tractors.

The new range comprises four models: The C9205 TS and C9206 TS with 5 and 6-straw walkers, and the C9205 TSB and C9206 TSB hill models having the slope compensation Balance system (20% lateral and 6% longitudinal). The hill modes are also equipped with new adjustable rear axle and 4WD traction, with the proven and exclusive Anti-Skid system which maximises productivity on all working terrains.

Powered by DEUTZ engines (7.8 litre TCD L6 T4i) to guarantee optimum performance in the field with 334hp output for the C9205 and 395hp for the C9206, fuel consumption is one of the lowest for this power category due to the use of SCR technology and the advanced technical design of the machine which, uniquely, employs transmissions positioned on each side of the engine.

All models are equipped with the high-performance cutter bar, now also available in the 9.0 metre version. A one-piece construction, the Autocontrol device and the Schumacher Easy Cut II system ensures safe and efficient operation in all conditions, providing a uniform cut with minimal wear.

In addition to the new and improved Maxi-Crop threshing system and the exclusive concave with adjustable sections, the hydraulic feed passage inversion system and the Extra Feeding supply system (along with other specifics) have been redesigned by the Deutz-Fahr engineers.
The new and exclusive electro-hydraulic bearing control system on the header is just one of several innovative developments on the new harvesters which help to ensure there is a continuous and uniform feed delivered to the threshing components.
Separation capacity, performance is optimised by the Maxi-Crop system and also by the long straw walkers. Cereal cleaning and integrity are guaranteed by other exclusive proven DEUTZ-FAHR systems, including the grain pan with its 2-step removable sections, the turbo-ventilator, the wide sieves and the DGR (Double Grain Return) recovery system on each side of the machine.

The high visibility driver's cab is integrated into the new design, with an array of lights and mirrors with dual-reflectors and electrical adjustment. The soft, welcoming driver and passenger seats are equipped with a capacious 21 litre integrated thermo cooler, offering maximum comfort and convenience during long working days. The soft, anti-dust coverings are ideally suited to the needs of the most demanding operators. The steering wheel and column have also been completely redesigned and, as a result, provide optimum ergonomics and safe driving in the field and on the road.

Finally, the C9000 Series combine harvesters also provide efficient and convenient solutions for day-to-day maintenance, with easy, quick access to the engine, transmissions and other key areas.

In conclusion, every detail of the new DEUTZ-FAHR combine harvesters has been designed to last, and to dominate all types of harvesting terrain. Selecting the C9000 series means choosing a machine you can count on, where every function is designed with optimum efficiency and productivity in mind.

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