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SDF updates its tractor plant in India.

December 20, 2019

SDF has launched a project to update its tractor production plant in Ranipet, India. The upgraded facility will increase the production capacity of SDF in India to meet the increasing demand of the domestic Indian and global markets.

The work to update the plant, which will begin in January 2020, will extend the logistics area and completely redefine the transmission assembly line and paint department, employing the most advanced production technology currently available to ensure world-class quality standards. 

The new facilities will increase the roofed area of the 127,000 m2 plant from the current 26,000 m2 to 34,000 m2. Once complete, the work will have modified the layout of the entire factory to respond to the new demands of the market, and the SDF group's production capacity in India will be increased to over 20,000 units per year.

The project, which will go ahead without interrupting production, will be conducted over a 3 year period and entail a total investment of around 7 million euros.

This project to update the Ranipet plant is a continuation of the SDF group's decades-long commitment to its operations in India (which date back to 1996) and, in particular, in the Chennai district, the country's most important area for the automotive industry and production of agricultural machinery.

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