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February 27, 2024

Treviglio (Bergamo, Italy), 26 February 2024 – The SAME tractor brand has made history in Italian industry by entering the special Register of Historic Brands of National Significance. The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy established the register to recognise and safeguard outstanding brands that have been in operation for over 50 years and have strong ties to Italy.

SAME (Società Accomandita Motori Endotermici) was founded in Treviglio, Bergamo, in 1942, and over its 80-year history has powered the mechanisation of Italy's farms thanks to its red tractors. The company's history actually dates all the way back to 1927, when brothers Francesco and Eugenio Cassani created the Cassani Tractor – one of the world's earliest tractors with a diesel engine.

Today, SAME tractors are recognised by their iconic tiger logo, which Giorgetto Giugiaro updated to its latest version in 2012.

Over the years, the company has grown by acquiring a variety of important players in the agricultural machinery industry across Italy and Europe, forming the SDF group.

A trailblazer in international expansion and a catalyst for the digital transformation of farming, SDF now offers its products under the SAME, DEUTZ-FAHR, Hürlimann, Grégoire, and VitiBot brands. The company focuses on creating advanced, efficient and productive agricultural machinery that is both safe and eco-friendly.

With nine factories in Europe and Asia producing about 38,000 vehicles each year, 12 sales branches, a joint venture in China, 155 importers, 3,100 dealerships, over 4,400 staff globally (including 1,460 in Italy at the headquarters in Treviglio), and a turnover of €1.8 billion in 2022, SDF  is a top global producer of tractors, harvesters and diesel engines.

The company’s growth has always had two key drivers: innovation and global expansion. Now, with the recognition from the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, SAME joins the roll of honour of Italian business, confirming the bond between the SAME brand and Italy, and the deep connection forged with agriculture over more than 80 years.

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