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SAME DEUTZ-FAHR promotes agriculture with two initiatives in Milan for EXPO 2015.

July 14, 2015

SAME DEUTZ-FAHR brings the theme of agriculture to the attention of the public at large, collaborating in two events of international interest in the city hosting EXPO 2015 - Milan, whose main theme is the cultivation of the land for food production.

The first of the two initiatives is #FoodPeople, for those who are hungry for innovation, an exhibit set up at the National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan. There will be a hosted tour to discover agriculture, food and innovations that have made the history of this production chain, SAME DEUTZ-FAHR presents itself as a witness of the past and the future of agriculture.

The exhibition of the revolutionary Cassani 40 HP tractor from 1927 bears testimony to the birth of modern agriculture. At the same time, the theme of precision agriculture is introduced; narrated as part of the exhibit through avant-garde technologies and sensors that ensure an in-depth management of farming machines and highlights the importance of driver safety as well as taking into account the actual needs of work and operation in the field.

The second event that SAME DEUTZ-FAHR is a partner for is WHEATFIELD, the environmental work of art by the American artist AGNES DENES, sponsored by RICCARDO CATELLA FOUNDATION in association with FONDAZIONE NICOLA TRUSSARDI and CONFAGRICOLTURA.

In this instance, SAME DEUTZ-FAHR came out with its machines to contribute to the creation of the urban agriculture project among the skyscrapers of Milan: a DEUTZ-FAHR 7 Series tractor was used to work and managethe terrain, a SAME Solaris was provided for the activities in the urban garden and a DEUTZ-FAHR C9206 combine handled the wheat harvesting activities.


These two initiatives involve the public at large and underline SAME DEUTZ-FAHR's commitment to themes that involve the world of agriculture as a whole.








1. DEUTZ-FAHR C9206 at work in Wheatfield by Agnes Denes
2. #FoodPeople. ©Archivio Museo Scienza e Tecnologia/Lorenza Daverio.

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