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December 1, 2014

The results of the PowerMix test carried out on the DEUTZ-FAHR 6160.4 TTV at the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft) centre in Germany confirm the leadership of the new 6 Series in fuel economy.

The test, recently reported on by Profi, one of the most respected journals in the agricultural machinery field, in fact shows excellent results. The DEUTZ-FAHR 6160.4 TTV provides optimal performance in terms of fuel consumption in all types of use and, with a value of just 276 g/kWh, is the tractor with the lowest consumption in its power category compared to the average of all the other tractors tested until June 2014.

This level of efficiency can be attributed to the Power Efficiency concept developed by DEUTZ-FAHR. The principle aims to optimise the engine, transmission, hydraulics and electronics as a whole, in order to optimise tractor performance in terms of both consumption and productivity.


PowerMix Test Results

The PowerMix test results published by Profi for the DEUTZ-FAHR 6160.4 TTV (276 g/kWh of fuel + 29,9 g/kWh of Adblue) are available in the number: PROFI 6/2014, Schön gemacht.

The PowerMix test is a measurement method internationally recognised by farmers and agricultural contractors aimed at indicating the tractor's fuel consumption in real working conditions. The procedure adopted simulates a wide range of applications, including towing and field work, PTO operations and mixed jobs.

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