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November 12, 2017

SDF is present at Agritechnica 2017 with important new products for its DEUTZ-FAHR, SAME and Lamborghini Trattori brands.

As usual for the Hanover Fair, DEUTZ-FAHR takes centre stage with new products in all power ranges for both the European market and global markets.

For open field tractors, the German brand launches the 9340 TTV and 7250 TTV models in the Warrior special limited edition, with gloss black paint, exhaust pipe with stainless steel cover, fourth-generation LED work lights, Evolution Active seat and automatic air conditioning.

The 6 Series expands to include six new compact models in the low to mid hp bracket: the 6120 with 126 hp, 6130 with 135 hp and 6140 with 143 hp, available with TTV and 3-stage Powershift transmissions. All new models are equipped with Deutz 3.6 Stage IV engines and also come with the new HEB (Hydraulic Engine Brake) system and a 120 l/min hydraulic load sensing system.

The brand also introduces many innovations in the specialist segment with new 5 DS/DV/DF models available with 3 or 4 cylinder Stage III B emission standard FARMotion engines and outputs ranging from 84 to 113 hp. Another innovation is the possibility to increase the total flow of oil and hydraulic configurations  at both low and high flow rate especially in the front and mid points  of the tractor. Three configurations are available: “Setting-Flow", "Power-Flow" and, the most complete, “High-flow".

In the combine harvester sector Deutz-Fahr has renewed the major components of the 5 and 6 straw-walker models to further increase comfort and productivity. The C9300 Series combine harvesters are presented at Agritechnica with 340 hp and 395 hp Stage IV Mercedes-Benz engines. The completely redesigned cabin and controls are now even more comfortable, practical and user-friendly. Equipped with the three-drum Maxicrop separator system, the separation surface has been increased thanks to longer straw-walkers, measuring 7.46 sqm for models with five straw walkers and 8.90 sqm for models with 6 straw-walkers.

The German brand also has big news for global markets with the new 6G Series and 2E Series ranges.

The new Deutz-Fahr 6G Series, with five new models ranging in power from 140 to 200 hp, aims to meet the needs of customers who want tractors that can maximise productivity in every situation. With the new 6G series, Deutz-Fahr has achieved the perfect mix between the Deutz TCD 2012 6-cylinder engines (compliant with Stage III A), efficient ZF transmissions and top of the range hydraulic systems.

The new 2E Series consists of four models ranging in power from 25 to 40 hp. It stands out for its remarkable performance and excellent reliability, provided by structural strength and the completeness of its standard equipment. The 2E series is attractively designed courtesy of the driving seat layout and the modern and functional bonnet line.

Finally, on the theme of new technologies DEUTZ-FAHR at Agritechnica proposes the SteeringPro, an innovative steering system for tractors, which provides power assistance on demand, according to the vehicle speed, steering angle or the steering wheel rotation speed all to the benefit of safety, comfort and performance.

The SAME brand confirms its vocation for mid range open field specialised tractors, presenting the new SAME Frutteto Natural, Argon, Explorer TB and Virtus.

The new Frutteto Natural Stage III B models stand out for their simplicity, staying faithful to the efficiency and reliability of the SAME Frutteto family. The Natural range comprises two 3-cylinder models (70 and 80) and one 4-cylinder (80.4), with FARMotion Common Rail engines. Maximum modularity for transmissions, essentially mechanical 4 or 5-speed transmissions with gearbox ratios ranging from 8/ 8 up to 30/15.

The SAME Argon family stands out for versatility and great adaptability, from tillage and haymaking, to stable cleaning. Available in six versions with 2 or 4 wheel drive, it is equipped with FARMotion Common Rail engines (Stage III B) ranging from 65 to 97 hp maximum power, and immediately stands out for its pleasant futuristic look, which features the new monolithic bonnet in sheet steel and the new driving position with lowered tunnel.

Explorer TB, maintains the robustness, practicality and the extreme versatility of the previous models and is enriched with even more evolved technological content. Maximum simplicity of use and great traction power, to the PTO and the Hydraulics, the all-new SAME Explorer TB range responds to the needs of a wide variety of applications.

The new SAME models are completed by the Virtus family, which has three new 120, 130 and 140 models of 116 to 136 hp, equipped with a 4-cylinder FARMotion engine with Stage IV compliant SCR. The HEB (Hydraulic Engine Brake) system is a major new innovation, which simultaneously activates the tractor’s main hydraulic circuit and the electronic viscous fan, creating a brake-motor capable of effectively decelerating the vehicle without overloading the brakes.

Lamborghini Trattori expands its offering with new Spark and Mach models that increase the power range and sport the unmistakable style of the Italian brand.

Lamborghini Trattori completes its high-power tractor offer with the new Mach 230 VRT and Mach 250 VRT, with Derutz 6.1 Stage IV engines, which are now even more responsive than the previous generation, with an increased torque at low speeds, a higher torque reserve and a 5% reduction in diesel and AdBlue consumption. The new engines are also coupled to high efficiency VRT transmission and innovative axles and brakes that provide optimum driving comfort, in maximum safety. 

In the 156 to 226 hp power range, the Spark range is enriched by a further nine models and offers a unique level of configurability in this segment with the choice of 4 or 6 cylinder Stage IV engines, three different types of transmission, different hydraulic system configurations and different setup levels of the MaxiVision cabins.

The Spark range also expands downwards with new 120, 130 and 140 models of 116 and 136 hp. equipped with 4-cylinder FARMotion Stage IV engines.

Finally the Grégoire brand is also on the stand with the G8.270 Elite self-propelled wine harvester and the EcoProtect L2.1200 sprayer.

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