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July 12, 2023

The town in the province of Bergamo is member number 40 of ‘Città dei Motori’. The club grows ahead of Italian Motor Week in September.

Treviglio is member number 40 of 'Città dei Motori', the ANCI network of Italian motor cities.

The announcement was made at a press conference this morning in the Council Chamber of Treviglio Municipality. Those in attendance included Mayor Juri Imeri, Luigi Zironi, the president of ’Città dei Motori’ (CdM) and Mayor of Maranello, Paolo Ghislandi from Same, and Danilo Moriero, the Secretary General of CdM.

Treviglio’s automotive history is tied to the Same brand, established in the city in 1942. Today, it is one of the world’s top manufacturers of tractors, harvesters and diesel engines. This history is preserved in the company’s Historical Museum, established to improve understanding of the progression of Italian and international agricultural mechanisation.

Treviglio’s Mayor
Juri Imeri, stated: “The city is investing heavily in promoting itself through its numerous business and sporting achievements, quality of life, services provided, cultural highlights and events. Joining Città dei Motori was a natural step. We’re doing it with the remarkable Same, an exemplary model of industry, culture, and history. In the coming months, Same will strengthen its presence in the city through new investments, and we are actively collaborating with them. I would like to express my gratitude to the management of Same, President Zironi, and Secretary General Moriero for their efforts that resulted in our membership.” Imeri added: “Today marks a significant milestone in the city’s tourism development.”

“We are delighted with Treviglio’s inclusion in the ‘Città dei Motori’ network and are eager to work with the Municipality to support the initiatives that the Association will launch to highlight the city’s industrial, historical, and cultural heritage. This is the region where we originated and where we wish to continue investing in major projects,” commented Paolo GhislandiDirector of Corporate Communication & External Relations at SAME DEUTZ-FAHR. “Since the establishment of SAME (Società Accomandita Motori Endotermici) in 1942, and even earlier in 1927 with the introduction of the Cassani tractor, engine production has been a crucial factor in the company’s growth. Even today, the in-house design and development of this strategic component remains crucial to the global success of our tractors.”

 “Treviglio contributes another remarkable chapter to our Association’s Italian manufacturing history, specifically related to engines. It’s truly unique,” said Luigi ZironiMayor of Maranello and President of ‘Città dei Motori’. “The environment in which Same agricultural machinery was conceived and evolved is indeed a testament to research, innovation, and utilisation of an industrial legacy, with its strength deeply rooted in the local area. That is a feature that links Treviglio with all other automotive cities.”

Treviglio’s addition to the club comes just in time for Italian Motor Week, an event organised by CdM. From Monday 11th to Sunday 17th September 2023, participating municipalities across 14 regions will allow the public to access museums, private collections, historical archives, industrial sites, racetracks, design studios and research centres, as well as birthplaces of legendary drivers or places that have witnessed the triumphs of great champions.

The Same Museum and the company’s Historical Archives will also open their doors to the community during Italian Motor Week. Dynamic exhibits housed in an expansive 900m² display area at the company’s headquarters, showcase prototypes, production tractors and engines, as well as photographic, technical and iconographic archives, highlighting the history and evolution of agricultural mechanisation in Italy and globally.

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