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April 19, 2023

20 new DEUTZ-FAHR and SAME branded SDF machines, among which a DEUTZ-FAHR 8280 TTV developed exclusively for BF SpA, delivered to the Jolanda di Savoia campus.

The newly delivered machines offer significant benefits in terms of fuel consumption and environmental impact, and introduce major technological innovations for digitalising production cycles.

A number of new advanced training projects are now under way at the Jolanda di Savoia campus.

Jolanda di Savoia, April 19th 2023 – A joint event organised by BF – Italy's biggest agro-industrial group – and the Italian multinational SDF - one of the world's leading constructors of tractors, harvesting machines and diesel engines was held today at the Jolanda di Savoia site of BF SpA  to celebrate the partnership between these two major players and the delivery of 20 DEUTZ-FAHR and SAME branded machines. Participating in the event were President and CEO of BF SpA Michele Pisante and Federico Vecchioni, SDF CEO Lodovico Bussolati, Councillor for agriculture, food production, hunting and fishing of the Emilia-Romagna Region Alessio Mammi, mayor of Jolanda di Savoia Paolo Pezzolato General Secretary and President of Coldiretti Enzo Gesmundo and Ettore Prandini, CEO of Consorzi Agrari d’Italia  Gianluca Lelli and CEO of IBF Servizi - Agronica Roberto Mancini.

These two players – leaders in their respective areas and both sharing a boldly  innovative, high tech vision for agriculture and applications in the field – have been working together on a continuous basis since August 2020. This partnership has grown stronger with each passing year since then, and has now reached another major milestone with the delivery of new 20 machines, which constitutes one of the most significant orders in this sector in terms of both quantity and the quality.

Boasting innovative and sophisticated content including Stage V compliant engines, high efficiency transmissions and advanced connectivity solutions, the new DEUTZ-FAHR Series 9 TTV, Series 8 TTV, Series 7 TTV, Series 6C TTV and RVshift in particular embody the state of the art in technology today for agricultural applications. This technology lets farms keep track of every activity related to the crop to ensure sustainable production, monitor all the operating parameters of their machines in real time and plan maintenance schedules more effectively. The brand's specialised SAME Explorer 95 GS and Frutteto 105 LS models have always been favoured by farmers for their versatility and efficiency. And the class-beating characteristics of these machines can be seen in action in the farms of BF SpA.

From today, the SDF tractors employed by Bonifiche Ferraresi will also have access to the dedicated services of the AGRONICA farm management platform. It will in fact be possible to connect from the AGRONICA platform to the entire company fleet and upload prescription maps for sowing, fertilising and may other operations. The platform also maintains records of all activities carried out in the field, generating reports on sustainability and operating costs. Over the coming months, the features being tested on the machines supplied to BF will be rolled out to the general market, through an agreement between IBF Servizi (the proprietor of the AGRONICA brand) and SDF. Also as part of this accord, all SDF customers will be offered priority access to the precision&smart farming and digitalisation services provided by IBF Servizi.

“The scope and characteristics of the industrial and technological partnership project between BF SpA and SDF go far beyond the mechanisation we are proud to present today with the delivery of 20 new machines, and also encompass a whole suite of activities geared toward the implementation of innovation in agriculture, starting from the digitalisation of production cycles” said BF SpA CEO Federico Vecchioni, who went on to say“This agreement envisages common investments in R&D, which will come to fruition in the evolution and development of the campus and the correlated initiatives for training tomorrow's professionals and the ongoing qualification of today's technical personnel.”

“The collaborative venture between SDF and BF SpA represents a synergy  between two international Italian enterprises, both of which leaders in their respective areas and sharing a common vision of innovation in agriculture and the attendant supply chain, from mechanisation to the field,” - said SDF CEO Lodovico Bussolati - “it is a partnership of immense strategic value that combines the development and production of connected tractors featuring technologically advanced digital services with a joint research effort which will make it possible to develop ever more innovative smart farming solutions. The aim of all of this is to make work in the field more efficient in terms of cost and productivity, and more effective in terms of sustainability and safeguarding the environment and the rural landscape".

Beyond today's delivery of machines, the alliance between BF SpA and SDF will also envisage other important developments concerning both the supply of high tech machines to the other production sites of Gruppo BF SpA in Italy and abroad, where the group is already engaged in sustainable agriculture projects for food and non-food applications, and training projects within the BF SpA campus. These initiatives will focus on specific matters such as training operators on all aspects of precision farming and, more in general, on promoting professional growth in the agro-industrial sector to ensure the highest possible level of qualification for today and tomorrow's technical personnel.


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