Human Resources

SDF is one of the world's leading manufacturers of tractors, harvesting machines, diesel engines and agricultural machines, continually growing - boasting numerous successes. It is an international group with more than 4,000 employees working in a global context, strongly committed to investing in its future development, offering talented staff concrete possibilities for professional development. 

The company was established in 1927, in a small province in North Italy, thanks to the brilliant idea and commitment of two brothers, Francesco and Eugenio Cassani.In this framework, talent and determination are the leading qualities we are looking for and that we empower within the Group, with its company divisions.


Sales, Marketing, Customer Service

Creating products with an ever-increasing competitive edge, putting them on the market in the most effective way, following them up with an ongoing after-sales service: these are the challenges that SDF professionals tackle in their work in the Sales, Marketing and Customer Service departments. Our staff are committed to product development, sales, technical training for the sales network, communication and our after-sales service.

Research & Development

Research and Development is fundamental for SDF, for designing agricultural machines that are increasingly efficient, safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly and effortless to use. Working in R&D means teaming up with the best professionals and leading Universities and Polytechnics in Italy, Germany, Poland and China, drawing on the most advanced technologies, also from aeronautical disciplines, for the 3D design of the entire tractor and sophisticated simulation systems in all conditions of use.

Production, Logistics and Purchasing

Working at SDF in company departments tasked with planning and implementing the supply chain means joining a team that is rapidly expanding and operates with an increasingly global focus. This strategic company area offers outstanding opportunities for development and calls for talented, dynamic staff who work in key areas such as procurement and purchasing, warehousing and quality control, security and logistics.

Accounting and financial services

Accounting and financial services at SDF offer excellent opportunities for growth for younger employees. The opportunity to work in different areas, such as accounting, finance and taxation, gives employees a chance to develop their skills and find the most suitable area for them. These positions also work in an international context, both at head offices and at the local branch.