Safety, quality and the environment

SDF is strongly committed to its policy for occupational safety, quality assurance and environmental protection. In this framework, the company targets the implementation of management systems in particular, and for years has taken measures to achieve certification standards and continually improve the health and safety of workers, product quality and impact on the environment.

Workplace safety and environmental protection

The industrial site at Treviglio (Italy) was the first site to obtain OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety) certification and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certification. Activities are underway at all other industrial sites to bring standards in line and subsequently meet requirements for system certification.

With regard to safety in particular, SDF is committed to on-going initiatives which range from accurate risk assessment to continual system monitoring and training at different levels. This has meant that it has recorded and maintained injury statistics which are far below average industry figures.

For environmental protection, SDF's initiatives range from replacing paints and varnishes with solvents to water-base products, to training on energy sources. These initiatives have made it possible to constantly reduce CO2 output, achieving a credit rating for assigned quotas. Activities are broad-reaching in terms of production and impact on the environment, with a constant focus on improving engine efficiency, using alternative fuels and adopting innovative power train systems.


SDF considers quality to be both a responsibility and a commitment to its customers, suppliers, co-worker and outsourcers to meet highest and most demanding expectations. Through systematic, documented and certified activities, the company pursues continual improvement in a process that involves all resources. The production sites at Treviglio (Italy), Lauingen (Germany), Zupanja (Croatia), Ranipet (India) and Châteaubernard (France) are currently certified to UNI EN ISO 9001.